Our Conduct in Business

  • Rules and regulation are key to how we at SJM conduct our business. We are committed to compliance with law in all countries of the world where we conduct our business.
  • Avoiding conflicts of interest remain at the heart of how we conduct our business. Should any conflicts of interest occur we believe they shall be dealt with openly and transparently.
  • Our employees and managers treat each other fairly and with respect. Everyone has the responsibility to uphold and measure up to the Code of Conduct. We value each and every staff member and believe they have the potential to fulfil their career aspirations and encourage them to do so.
  • Human and labour rights are supported, recognise and respected at SJM. We reject all forms of forced and child labour. We support and recognise the right of employees to form unions and employee representative bodies. All employees should have the right to appropriate compensation. Pay and other benefits should comply with the respective national or local legal standards or the standards in the national economic sectors/industries and regions.
  • Conflict Minerals. We reject the usage of minerals coming from conflict and high-risk areas. Our suppliers must demonstrate conflict-free origin of all their products.
  • Honesty, transparency and commitment are paramount when dealing with our customers, suppliers, employees, and all organisations linked with SJM. We do this by being honest and delivering on all our commitments and company values.

Conduct towards SJM Employees, Subsidiaries, Agent Representatives, Suppliers and Customers

  • We promote equal opportunities and outlaw discrimination in all forms. We treat everyone equally and with respect regardless. We encourage kindness to one another and reject all forms of negative behaviour within the workplace.
  • Occupational health and safety protection are an integral part of our business. At SJM we all promote and comply with health and safety regulations. We provide and encourage a safe environment for all staff to operate in.

Prevention of corruption / antitrust

  • Fair Competition. We conduct our business with honesty and integrity which enables us to support fair competition globally within the marketplace. Corruption and antitrust violation, bribes and cartel agreements will not be tolerated. At SJM we would rather forgo any contract than fail to act within the law.
  • SJM fulfils its legal obligations to the prevention money laundering. SJM will report unusual financial transaction which could give grounds to suspect money transactions.
  • The giving and accepting of Gifts, Benefits, Hospitality and Entertainment is permitted subject to strict requirements. Gifts to government officials or their direct family members are forbidden. Our employees must not solicit gifts or other personal benefits from customers, suppliers or other business partners.
  • Dealings with Suppliers are an integral and important role within SJM. We select suppliers with care. Performance, pricing and integrity are part of this selection. Our suppliers must be committed to adhering to the principles described in this code of conduct.

Handling of Information

  • Data protection and information security and the protection of personal data relating to employees, customers and suppliers if of high importance to SJM. We only collect and process personal data when absolutely necessary to perform work related tasks or when required by law. Pesonal data is stored and processed with the consent of the person concerned and only where permitted to do so by law.