SJM Alloys & Metals Limited

Who we are?

SJM Alloys and Metals Limited was founded in 1993. We are a privately-owned company active in a wide variety of areas for metal recycling and trading, with 27 employees with a processing facility in the north of UK and head office in North London.

S.J.M. has been processing super alloys special steels and refractory metal scraps for over 23 years. We directly supply consumers in a wide variety of the following industrial sectors; aerospace, medical, exploration/mining, power generation, electronics, defence, chemical, powder metallurgical, oil and gas, general engineering and tooling industries worldwide. We focus on the sourcing, preparation and supply of wrought, cast and sintered alloys containing: Ni, Cr, Co, W, Mo, Hf, Nb, Ti, Ta, Re, Gd and Yt.

Dealing across Europe, Asia and America, we place great emphasis in developing strong relationships with our partners, and seek to provide the easiest and most efficient service possible. Recycling, reclamation and adding value to valuable secondary raw materials, with an awareness of environmental responsibilities encapsulates our business goal.

We continuously seek to improve our service in every respect and we are aware of the responsibility we have to our customers, suppliers, employees and for the environment. To help maintain a consistently high level of performance we have introduced a certified quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008.

We regularly define new measurable quality objectives which are a requirement for our quality systems. We undertake sensitive projects where the need to protect proprietary design and technologies requires transparency for proof of destruction.

SJM Alloys & Metals Specialises in the following:

  • Cobalt based alloys

  • Cobalt based refinery

  • Nickel based alloys

  • Tungsten based alloys

  • Tungsten Carbide

  • Ferro Alloys

  • Pure Metals (including W/Ta/Hf/Nb/Mo/Cr/Re)

  • Metal / Alloy powders

With our facility based in the North of England we can carry out a variety of different metal processing methods including:

  • Washing / degreasing / drying of turnings / swarf

  • Washing and degreasing of solids

  • Shearing / cutting

  • Shot blasting

  • Briquetting

SJM And The Environment

“We all have a responsibility to protect our precious world. At SJM we qualify process, transform and produce a diverse range of metal products suitable for induction and vacuum melt recovery. Our raw feed comes from the wastes and scraps that industry produces and our recycling processes reclaim and capture the nature value within these wastes. We thereby keep our environment clean, generate energy savings through recycling processes and provide customers with cost savings.”

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