Quality of Service

Quality of Service


Environment responsibility

natural_water_dropletWe all have a responsibility to protect our precious world. At SJM we qualify process, transform and produce a diverse range of metal products suitable for induction and vacuum melt recovery. Our raw feed comes from the wastes and scraps that industry produces and our recycling processes reclaim and capture the nature value within these wastes. We thereby keep our environment clean, generate energy savings through recycling processes and provide customers with cost savings.

ISO9001 / Quality

iso9001We continuously seek to improve our service in every respect and we are aware of the responsibility we hold for our customers, suppliers, employees and for the environment. To help maintain a consistently high level of performance we have introduced a certified quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008 We regularly define new measurable quality objectives which are a requirement for our quality systems.


Works clearance

We offer  works clearance solutions, offering if necessary , purpose built bins/skips and full logistical support and a flexible pricing approach for LME listed metals, whereby prices can be fixed on formulas against published priced indices.

Proof of destruction

In addition, we undertake sensitive projects where the need to protect proprietary design and technologies requires transparency for proof of destruction. We can do this in a number of ways and would be happy to elaborate further.

Analytical / Quality

NitonMetal Analyses
SJM offers its customers fair and impartial settlements; though if required we can utilize neutral third party labs for analytical services.

We use non destructive handheld XRF devices for qualitative evaluation and back up with wet chemical/XRF/ICP/GDMS and LECO as required.

Material outturns

Typically we can check and evaluate most deliveries within 7-10 days, though under special circumstances a faster service might be negotiated.